Azul Consulting Slider BG 2 As companies modernize legacy applications and migrate applications to the cloud in order to digitally connect with their clients and retain and grow market share, the lack of skills required to effectively build and support these often complex environments, is creating a barrier to achieving organizational goals. Finding the right partner, with the experience and skills required to implement and support these systems while business continues to focus on its core objectives, is vital for any successful digital transformation journey. Sub-Sahara Africa
OpenSource technologies


Two members of our management team having founded and grown a successful Tech start-up in South Africa in the early 2000s, we have established a strong brand synonymous with highly skilled and capable delivery teams with a strong focus in the financial services industry. The third member of the management team having worked as a senior Technical leader in a Global Fortune 500 Tech company, the experience and capability we bring together as a team, as well as our strong belief in fostering a culture built on excellence and continuous improvement, will ensure our clients’ success as they strive to future-proof their business while growing market share.

Our ‘Partner for Life’ philosophy provides our clients with a technology partner that is able to journey with them in a two speed world of continuing to rely on legacy technology as well as embracing what the 4th Industrial Revolution has to offer across AI/ML, Automation and Cloud driven technologies.

Without the skills many of these initiatives will run over budget, experience delays or face not getting implemented at all.

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As many clients across Africa look to accelerate digital transformation and modernization initiatives, key drivers to ensuring these strategies are realised is finding the right  partner with the skills and experience required to implement and support these mission critical business drivers.

Azul Consulting exists to deliver and maintain infrastructure environments that are nimble and secure by design.

We Provide turnkey solutions around:
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Modernization &

Facing challenges around your digital transformation architecture and implementation strategy.

We bring expertise and resources to assist clients of all sizes, delivering both complex and simple projects successfully. From cloud strategy migration to systems upgrade and management, our infrastructure team and service delivery approach ensure that our projects are delivered on time and on budget.

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Clients key pain points is to deliver repeatable and consistent methodology for managing infrastructure and software deployment, system configurations across multiple environment’s infrastructures, or operating systems.

We help clients implement automation strategies to reduce their administration overhead so they can focus on client value.

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Platform Management

Every system, resource, and workload has a life cycle. A key aspect of effective management strategies, system life-cycle management is the administration of a system from its provisioning, through to its operational stage, to its final retirement.

We assist clients in configuration & implementation activities, monitoring & security services. We also work with our clients in migration projects where they are looking at moving from traditional platforms to Linux & Cloud platforms.

Your go-to service and technology partner in Sub-Sahara Africa, focusing on OpenSource technologies.